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Red Dons "Genocide" b/w "Letters" 7" MID025


Red Dons return with their 10th vinyl release and their first new music since the 2015 LP, "The Dead Hand of Tradition". From numerous tours to past collaborations with venerated punks like TV SMITH (THE ADVERTS) and JESSE MICHAELS (OPERATION IVY), Red Dons have proven that a band can continue to accomplish a great deal despite growing life obligations and members scattered across the globe. Now in their 11th year as a band, Red Dons have established a formula of dark, driving punk rock with catchy melodic hooks. These new songs deliver on that tradition. Genocide nods to early-Southern California punk (e.g., Dangerhouse Records, Agent Orange) with its downstroked mid-tempo rhythm, layers of subtly distorted guitars, and anthemic chorus; however, as Red Dons have done in the past, they are able to evoke the reference without aping the style. Letters is slightly slower with the bass driving the bouncing music under Doug’s signature vocal melodies. If you are familiar with Red Dons, then the quality of the songwriting on this release will continue to fulfill expectations. If you are just now discovering the band, then you will be both pleasantly surprised and baffled that such an amazing band has escaped your attention before now. Man In Decline Records counts Red Dons as one of our favorite bands and we are excited to collaborate on this release. The 7” will be released in a limited edition of 500 copies with 150 red vinyl copies available only through the band and/or Man In Decline Records.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Pressing Information

10 Test Presses
150 Red Vinyl (75 copies available through Man In Decline, 75 copies available through Red Dons)
350 Black Vinyl