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Crazy Spirit - "s/t EP" 7" (Third 7")

Most of the people I've spoken to about it so far seem rather surprised that there is a new Crazy Spirit EP, but I couldn't be more excited myself. I'm not sure why anyone would think they'd broken up, except for the fact that all of the members do double-or-more duty in some other pretty high-profile bands like Hank Wood & the Hammerheads, Dawn of Humans, Cheena, and many others. Maybe it's just an expectation based on the typical "career" length of modern punk bands who, at best, peter out after a handful of EPs and a full-length. However, the reason that Crazy Spirit were so exciting right of the bat was because they never seemed to pay any sort of heed to those types of expectations in the first place. I mean, when they started they seemed gleefully ignorant of what a punk band was "supposed" to do, so why should they die the way that a punk band is supposed to die, particularly when there's still plenty of life left in their formula? Speaking of that formula, they pretty much stick to it here--shuffle beats, weirdly interleaving guitar and bass lines, and simple but catchy lyrics that often seem to be set in childhood--but it never feels boring or stale. This time around everything is a little faster (the drumming in particular is impressively intricate in places), and the fidelity is surprisingly a little bit better as well, but overall it's very much of a piece with their other material without ever feeling redundant. The artwork, though, is absolutely superb. Crazy Spirit have distinguished themselves with top-notch artwork from the very start, but the poster-sized insert that accompanies this 7" is probably my favorite piece yet. Crazy Spirit have always successfully fused the aesthetics and values of art school / fine art and DIY punk, and the idea of slow, incremental evolution is something that makes sense whether you're talking about the development of an artist's work over the course of many years or the evolution of a sound like d-beat over years or decades. It doesn't really jibe with the internet age's demands for newnewnewallthetimerightnow, but if you've found it anywhere near as pleasurable as I have to trace this band's evolution across the years you know full well this is another essential piece of the puzzle. -Daniel/Sorry State Records

Comes with fold out lyric insert and is housed in an envelope style (with glue strip) sleeve.