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Pressing On - "Demo" Cassette

Members of Talk Is Poison, From Ashes Rise, and Raw Nerves.

"Demo tape from this new band out of Portland, and it is a RIPPER. Pressing On play a style of hardcore that I lovingly refer to as "old guy hardcore." Now, I'm an old guy and I absolutely love this style, so bear with me as I try to describe this. Basically, this sounds like fast, straightforward hardcore made by people who lived through the 90s but probably love the 80s a little bit more. They've been around through more than one scene trend and they've heard all of the cool records, but they also have a maybe-more-than-sentimental attachment to some records and bands that the current batch of "the kids" don't think are that cool. Now, I don't know the guys from Pressing On, but that's the impression I get from the music on this demo. I mean, they're named after a Gauze song and the main riff to the first track is straight up Death Side (they also have some truly great lead guitar work going on throughout the demo, with a style of soloing that's a rare combination of metallic and melodic), but their logo also reminds me of Verbal Assault and nearly every song has a crew chorus that wouldn't be out of place on a Youth of Today record. It sounds like a bizarre combination, but if you've heard a lot of the Partners in Crime-related bands like Deathreat and Copout then you know that it's a style that work extremely well, and Pressing On knock it out of the fucking park. Highly recommended." --Daniel/Sorry State