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Agent Attitude - "Deranged Realities" LP MID024


Sweden has a long history of producing amazing hardcore with a distinct sound that often veers toward the heavy and down-tuned. This tradition continues today with amazing bands like DISSEKERAD and INSTITUTION continuing the trajectory of the Swedish sound. Recently, a few Swedish hardcore bands (e.g., DAMAGED HEAD, with whom Agent Attitude shares members) have broken tradition and have begun to draw from U.S. hardcore influences with great results. AGENT ATTITUDE is perhaps the longest-running, most prolific, and hardest touring of these U.S. style-hardcore bands. To date, they have released a demo, three 7"s, and an LP and they have toured Europe extensively along with the U.S. east coast. Their second full-length LP, "Deranged Realities", serves as a testament to their talent and exudes all the handwork that has proceeded this new release. Each song builds on the last and they seamlessly weave mid-tempo punk bangers with all out fast attack in a way that should make other bands study and take notice. On Deranged Realities, singer, Jakob, seems to be channeling BLACK FLAG-era Rollins (both in tone and anger) without trying to ape the style. Musically, there are nods to early LA hardcore like CIRCLE JERKS, ANGRY SAMOANS and non-LA bands like POISON IDEA and URBAN WASTE. In short, if you like your hardcore with a heavy dose of punk and nihilistic despondency, this record will fit nicely in your collection.