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Demonbrother - "Beyond The Veil" 12"

Demonbrother is the, at least for now, studio project of Will Killingsworth (Ampere, Vaccine, Failures, Clean Plate Records, Dead Air Studios, etc) and Andrew Jackmauh (Confines, Cut The Shit, Boston Strangler, Failures, etc). The duo creates sludgy powerviolence without the overt metal usually associated with that sound. The focus on the sonic environment brings to mind some of the more spacey aspects of Gasp. The Gasp comparison isn’t really accurate, however, as the effect isn’t psychedelic but instead something more dismal and apocalyptic. With track titles like “Journey To The End Of The Night,” “Death On Installment,” and “Bruxism” there is a sense of destruction, putting the music in the context of the disintegration of powerviolence. Beyond The Veil, the debut 12”, is out now on Iron Lung Records.

Includes a digital download.