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Doses - "S/T " LP **Sale**

Like a brick of firecrackers taped to the neighbors dog, a mirror covered in dried pus from inflamed pimples, to the paper cut under your index finger, DOSES is an assault on all senses that make pleasurable life miserable. DOSES consist of Kristopher Kirk (Dylan Geiger) & John Gaston (Quin Jostens). DOSES has been a physical manifestation for a year and three months. Consisting of Guitar, Bass, and Drum Machine, DOSES continue to leave audiences in a blur and self doubt as they power through their set of anxiety ridden songs. DOSES draw influences from such acts as The Jesus Lizard, Ministry, Big Black and Kanye West. DOSES are funded by 林淫蟲, a Chinese financial backer who funds DOSES in all of their endeavors. BOUND.
Full Color Matte Sleeve, 2 Inserts , High Quality Pressing.