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Cleansing Wave - "Crude EP" 3-Sided 7" MID019


The "CRUDE EP" is the latest release by Massachusetts punk quartet, CLEANSING WAVE. Crude serves as a follow-up to a previously released demo, a "s/t" 7" EP, and a series of slit releases, including a split flexi with GASH, a split cassette with TINITUS, and a split 7" with San Francisco's MIDNITE BRAIN. Cleansing Wave is known to win audiences over with their ripping live show full of reverb-drenched vocals and all-out punk attack. To honor the session that produced Crude, Man In Decline Records created a 3-Sided 7" cut by long-time MID collaborator and lacquer wizard, Adam Gonsalves of Telegraph Mastering. The A-Side contains two songs and a reverse cut third track, making the overall 7" a 5-track EP.

Colored vinyl available through mail-order and the band only. Immediate download available upon purchase.

This is a preorder and will ship no later than August 22, 2014.

Pressing Information

4 test presses
110 yellow
110 green
330 black