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Man In Decline Records - Free Sampler 2014

Free download. Includes several unreleased tracks. Full track list and release schedule below.

1. Burning Kitchen "Fucked Up" from the "Many Wonder About The Meaning Of Life (1993 - 2000)" 2xLP
2. Vånna Inget "Vart Tar Du Vågen" from the Ingen Botten LP **
3. Concrete Cross "Neither Seen Nor Heard" from the "s/t" LP
4. Raw Nerves "Reproduced" from the Futile Efforts LP
5. Arctic Flowers "Rats In Walls" from the split 7" with Spectres
6. Damaged Head "Jesus, God, Satan are all..." from the "s/t" 12" **
7. Oblvionation "18 to 1" from the "Cult of Culture EP" 7" **
8. Sarabante “Ερμαια των Kαιρών" from the "Ερμαια των Kαιρών / Under the Shadows” 7″
9. Doom Town "Ex-Military" from the split 7" with No More Art
10. Spectres "Pattern Recognition" from the split 7" with Arctic Flowers
11. No More Art "Won't Let Go" from the split 7" with Doom Town
12. The Nukes "Loose Nukes" from the "Fascist Perverts" 7" **
13. Acts of Sedition "Pantheon" from the split 7" with Raw Nerves
14. Seas Will Rise "Eviction Notice" from the "Disease Is Our Refrain" LP
15. Raw Nerves "Concrete Burial" from the split 7" with Acts of Sedition
16. Cleansing Wave "Hellish Fever" from the "Crude EP" 7" **
17. Dissekerad "Fruktans lön" from the "s/t" LP
18. Vånna Inget "Tickande Bomb" from the "Allvar" LP
19. Burning Kitchen "Vacker Dag" from the upcoming LP **

**previously unreleased

Out Now:

Dissekerad "s/t" LP
Lost Lands "Body of Habit" 7"
Raw Nerves "Futile Efforts" LP
No More Art / Doom Town "split" 7"
Concrete Cross "s/t" LP
Sarabante "Ερμαια των Kαιρών" b/w "Under the Shadows”
Arctic Flowers / Spectres "split" 7" repress
Raw Nerves / Acts of Sedition "split" 7"
Seas Will Rise "Disease Is Our Refrain" LP
Come On Die Young "Weights And Measures' 12"
Come On Die Young "s/t" 7"

Coming Soon:

The Nukes "Fascist Perverts" 7" (February 2014)
Oblivionation "Cult of Culture" 7" (February 2014)
Vånna Inget "Ingen Botten" LP (February 2014)
Vånna Inget "Allvar" LP (repress) (February 2014)
Burning Kitchen "Discography" 2xLP (March 2014)
Damaged Head "Damaged Head EP" one-sided, screened 12" (March 2014)
Cleansing Wave "Crude EP" (April 2014)
Burning Kitchen LP (May 2014)