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Trauma - "S/T" 12"

Debut 12" from this new Portland band featuring 1/2 of Tragedy, but this is nothing like Tragedy's polished, almost melodic take on HC. You know the guys in that band are big old HC heads, and that influence comes out in Trauma... this is just straight-up, ripping HC that sounds like it could have come from early 80s Europe. The songs are short, punchy, and mean and the straight-up rhythms remind me more than a little bit of early fast HC bands like Larm and HHH, though Trauma's songs have a little more meat to them than either of those bands. So many bands are inspired by the aggression of early 80s HC, but very few bands nail that along with the catchiness as well as Trauma. Highly recommended if you're into Severed Head of State, Deathreat, and similarly mean and nasty HC of the non-retro variety