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Dead Reprise - "Dystopia" LP **Sale**

Dead Reprise got together in 2000 as a group of frustrated hardcore kids that loved skateboarding and heavy music. The 90’s were over and the Swedish hardcore scene had suffered a slow painful death as most of the bands had split up and the crowd moved on to new trends. With a couple of demos out, Dead Reprise did shows in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Poland and gained respect as the new hungry act from the North. At this point, the few demo bands that existed were all about politically correct, ”positive youth”, fast old school kind of hardcore. Something that Dead Reprise changed with influences from much darker and heavier acts like Integrity, Merauder, Cold As Life, Earth Crisis and Sepultura.

Features guest appearances by Freddy Cricien (Madball, Hazen St) and Anders Björler (At The Gates, ex-The Haunted).