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Hassler - "Amortality EP" 7"

“Hot on the heels of their 2012 S/T EP released by Schizophrenic Records, Toronto’s HASSLER returns with another slab of knuckle dragging hardcore madness! “AMORALITY” features 5 tracks of harsh meat and potatoes hardcore punk that puts to shame many US bands that even attempt to harness that sound. Each record is housed in a thick glue pocket sleeve along with a cardstock insert, both of which are adorned with tasteful art by the mighty Spoiler. Retaining ferocity while staying memorable and avoiding the various pitfalls of the genre that so many succumb to, Hassler’s AMORALITY EP raises the bar considerably. Featuring current and former members of bands like BRUTAL KNIGHTS, CAREER SUICIDE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, REPROBATES, and BAD SKIN- these guys know what they’re doing and they do it well."

These are the 2nd press copies with red and yellow center labels.