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Institution - "Domen Är Satt" 12"


The band that did one of the three best records of 2012 - I shouldn't have to go on about how much you need this. Quality all the way! Members of TOTALITAR, MEANWHILE, KVORTERINGEN and HERATYS doing what they do best! "Do you know what you get when you put people who's been in bands such as Totalitär, Meanwhile and Herätys in the same studio for a while? One of the best records of the last 12 months! Maybe even one of the best to ever come out of Sweden!? Maybe even the world!? Ok, I'm getting a bit too excited here - but that's how fucking good this is. Anyone who misses any, or all, of those bands listed earlier needs this - many thanx to 'Not Enough'

Temporarily out of stock. Should have copies in a week or so.