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Raw Nerves - "Futile Efforts" LP MID009


Raw Nerves are back with a new vocalist and their most refined set of songs to date. Their sound has been compared to early hardcore like THE FIX and NEGATIVE APPROACH with influences from the ’90′s like, CITIZEN’S ARREST, BORN AGAINST, and RORSCHACH. With this LP comes the maturity of a band that has crafted their songwriting--after years of touring and releasing records--into a driving, aggressive LP that’s full of hooks and riffs that will have you screaming along and tearing your room apart. Futile Efforts was recorded at Buzz or Howl studios with Stan Wright (ARCTIC FLOWERS, SIGNAL LOST, DEATHREAT), mixed by Adam Pike (RED FANG), and mastered by FROM ASHES RISE frontman, Brad Boatright, at Audiosiege (TRAGEDY, OFF!).

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Pressing Information

10 test presses
25 mailorder editions w/ screenprinted jackets & stamped and numbered labels.
100 translucent blue
100 opaque blue
300 black vinyl