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No More Art / Doom Town - "Split" 7" MID008


NO MORE ART, based out of Hamburg, Germany plays classic melodic punk with strong female vocals and super catchy guitar and bass lines. Comparisons to DANGERHOUSE RECORDS bands such as, X and THE AVENGERS with newer comparisons like MASSHYSTERI and VANNA INGET are not far off. Guitarist Will Kinser spent some time playing in RED DONS and that influence is there as well. Their song "Won’t Let Go” is as catchy as anything they’ve ever released.

DOOM TOWN take their name from a WIPERS song and although they utilize the Wipers formula of catchy songwriting paired with a dark depressive undercurrent, they choose instead to drive their songs with uptempo beats and tortured harmonies like those employed by X and more modern bands like GORILLA ANGREB or THE VICIOUS. The song they include on this split belies the complexity of the songwriting by making it sound as if it were simple to write music that is all the things above while at the same time remaining original. We think this is mark of a great band and, indeed, Doom Town lives up to the pressure of that descriptor.

Download immediately available upon purchase and in the file format of your choice (e.g., FLAC, AAC, MP3).

Corelease with Rock Star Records (Germany).

Pressing Information

10 test presses
25 mailorder editions w/ screenprinted jackets & stamped and numbered labels.
110 clear vinyl with black flecks
286 black vinyl