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Brain Tumors - "Fuck You Forever" 7" **Sale**

This is a rager from start to finish. Six songs on this, from just under one minute going up the the lofty time of just over two minutes and not a second wasted at all. It has a great cover drawn by Dave Watt from Pittsburgh and it totally suits this recording.

This hardcore thrash band from Minneapolis really did an outstanding job with the release, you can hear the anger and venom being hurled out by singer Drew, while the rest of the band just goes full speed on this and never lets up. You have feedback, screamed/shouted angry vocals, ripping guitars, pounding drums and heavy bass, just crying out for you to play it loud and often. The lyrics are biting and humorous, but hard to make out sometimes, but you get the general idea of the songs.

The production is very good, not super clear, but for this to be any cleaner sounding, would ruin it and take away the strength of this release. They just came off of tour and did pretty good, no money lost and a good time for them and they are on the October issue of Maximum Rocknroll, so now I have to go hunt down the issue and suggest that you hunt down their releases and the magazine and give these guys some support.