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Stinky Rats - "Vergognati" LP **Sale**

Hailing from the same town that gave us the likes of Nerorgasmo, Negazione, and Declino, although STINKY RATS shared with those guys the uncompromised and fierce anger of the first wave of Italian Hardcore with their peers. Yet they also introduced a melodic, obscure and desperate vibe that created a more mature sound, one somehow reminiscent of the controlled fury present in some UK peace punk. This long awaited vinyl reissue of their 1986 "Vergognati" 12" (originally out on WRETCHED's own CHAOS PRODUZIONI, along with the BLU BUS label, managed by KINA) also features 11 tracks from their 1985 "Urla Di Rabbia" demo tape.

This is 100% Torino Hardcore at its highest level.

released by: GONNA PUKE RETRO records, italian import