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Latterman - "Our Better Halves" 7" **SALE**

This is the last song that Latterman ever recorded pressed onto a one sided single 7 inch 5 years later! Done for the band's recent reunion shows. “Our Better Halves” is perhaps best described as “pretty darn Lattermannish.” Musically, it has the same throaty, dual vocals and driving bassline. The guitars do that fingertapping thing and then that super fast shreddy thing, just like on “Will This Be on the Test?” and/or “Water Manes at the Block’s End.” Lyrically, it has the same posi vibe fans loved about Latterman (“I’m fucking proud of the things we held up / Cross my fingers and cross my heart”). Then again, the song also deals with a community falling apart, so it could just as easily read as a sign of Latterman’s impending break-up. Either way, it’s a good track.