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Red Dons "Genocide" b/w "Letters" 7"



Red Dons return with their 10th vinyl release and their first new music since the 2015 LP, "The Dead Hand of Tradition". From numerous tours to past collaborations with venerated punks like TV SMITH (THE ADVERTS) and JESSE MICHAELS (OPERATION IVY), the Red Dons have proven that a band can continue to accomplish a great deal despite growing life obligations and even when its members scattered all over the world. Now in their 11th year as a band, the Red Dons have established a formula of dark, driving punk rock with catchy melodic hooks and the songs on this 7” deliver on that tradition. Genocide nods to early-Southern California punk (e.g., Dangerhouse Records, Agent Orange) with its downstroked mid-tempo rhythm, layers of subtly distorted guitars, and anthemic chorus; however, as Red Dons has done in the past, they are able to evoke the reference without aping the style. Letters is slightly slower with the bass driving the bouncing music under Doug’s signature vocal melodies. If you are familiar with Red Dons, then the quality of the songwriting on this release will continue to fulfill expectations. If you are just now discovering the band, then you will be both pleasantly surprised and baffled that they such an amazing punk band has escaped your attention before now. Man In Decline Records counts Red Dons as one of our favorite bands and we are excited to collaborate on this release. The 7” will be released in a limited edition of 500 copies with 150 red vinyl copies available only through the band and/or Man In Decline Records.

Coming October 2017

Burning Kitchen "Det Längtande Djuret" LP



Sweden’s Burning Kitchen were instrumental during the ‘90’s in developing a melodic punk sound that would influence a whole generation of Scandinavian bands that followed ranging from MASSHYSTERI and GORILLA ANGREB to current up and coming bands like ARTIC FLOWERS and VANNA INGET. After a decade-long hiatus, the band reformed and recorded eleven new songs of some of their strongest material, as if the band picked back up and no time had passed. In 2014, Man In Decline Records issued a 35 song 2xLP discography, which compiled all of their pre-break up material and provided old fans with never before heard songs while introducing a whole new generation of fans to their socio-political style of punk. With a new LP and the 2xLP vinyl pressing of the “Many Wonder…” compilation, Burning Kitchen is as vibrant today as they were in their first inception. Perhaps most importantly, their friendships and the politics on which they are based are still as relevant today as they were over 20 years ago. “Punk rock n roll against state control”

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

No///Sé "Lower Berth" LP



After delivering one of the best records of 2012, ИO///Sé returns with their sophomore LP, “Lower Berth”. Lower Berth is comprised of songwriting prowess backed by killer riffs, infectious melodies, an impervious rhythm section, and absolutely no filler and fluff. The final product is 13 tracks of stick-in-your-brain groove that varies from stomping anthem (e.g., "One Step Behind") to DANGERHOUSE or BUZZCOCKS-esque pop genius (e.g., "Buried Alive"). Unlike many bands that are currently hyperfocused on copying one particular band or sound, ИO///Sé mixes a wide array of disparate influences and creates something familiar but original. There are elements of old classics like WIPERS and X (Australia) along with newer bands like RED DONS, THE ESTRANGED, and MARKED MEN. If you are familiar with the first LP, Lower Berth will feel like a natural progression. If you’re new to the band, welcome and enjoy. For those keeping track, ИO///Sé contains ex-members of YOUTH BRIGADE, GLASS & ASHES, and YOUNG LIVERS. This is a corelease with 1859 Records.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

No More Art “Sorrows of Youth” LP



Finally! No More Art delivers a much-anticipated full-length LP after tempting us with a handful of fantastic 7″s (including the split 7" with DOOM TOWN released on MAN IN DECLINE RECORDS). For those unfamiliar, No More Art plays dark, driving melodic punk that embodies the spirit of THE WIPERS and combines it with the execution of THE AVENGERS, and old LA band, THE BRAT. Guitarist Will Kinser spent some time playing in RED DONS, which comes through in the songwriting and execution, and they also share a kinship with bands like MASSHYSTERI and VANNA INGET. Pick this up if you like downstroked classic punk with minor chords and strong female vocals.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Agent Attitude "Deranged Realities" LP



Sweden has a long history of producing amazing hardcore with a distinct sound that often veers toward the heavy and down-tuned. This tradition continues today with amazing bands like DISSEKERAD and INSTITUTION continuing the trajectory of the Swedish sound. Recently, a few Swedish hardcore bands (e.g., DAMAGED HEAD, with whom Agent Attitude shares members) have broken tradition and have begun to draw from U.S. hardcore influences with great results. AGENT ATTITUDE is perhaps the longest-running, most prolific, and hardest touring of these U.S. style-hardcore bands. To date, they have released a demo, three 7"s, and an LP and they have toured Europe extensively along with the U.S. east coast. Their second full-length LP, "Deranged Realities", serves as a testament to their talent and exudes all the handwork that has proceeded this new release. Each song builds on the last and they seamlessly weave mid-tempo punk bangers with all out fast attack in a way that should make other bands study and take notice. On Deranged Realities, singer, Jakob, seems to be channeling BLACK FLAG-era Rollins (both in tone and anger) without trying to ape the style. Musically, there are nods to early LA hardcore like CIRCLE JERKS, ANGRY SAMOANS and non-LA bands like POISON IDEA and URBAN WASTE. In short, if you like your hardcore with a heavy dose of punk and nihilistic despondency, this record will fit nicely in your collection.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Oblivionation "Cult of Culture" 7" EP



In December 2010, in the midst of personal tragedies and frustrations, Oblivionation was started in Lowell MA by guitarist Quinn Dillon and drummer John Evicci (ex-OUT COLD). The goal of the band was simple: create the most caustic hardcore that they possibly could, with their chief influences being bands like POISON IDEA, AGNOSTIC FRONT, and FINAL CONFLICT. They were soon joined by ex-Out Cold guitarist, John Kozik, on bass and they recorded a demo with no vocals. After nearly a year of searching, they connected with Mark Fields (ex Proclamation), who took over vocal duties, and they were able to release one of the best demos of 2012. Like their past projects, Oblivionation does not follow trends: they create blistering hardcore on their own terms: short, fast, pissed. Before the departure of Kozik, they recorded a yet to be unreleased LP. Now with Mike Connolly (Bloodkrow Butcher) on bass, the band brings us the "Cult of Culture" EP.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Damaged Head "Tunnel Vision" LP



Sweden’s Damaged Head delivers a full-length of 15 brand new songs that brilliantly follows up their self-titled 12" EP; released in spring 2014 on Man In Decline (US) and Adult Crash (EU). "Tunnel Vision" finds the band continuing their successful formula of combining old USHC with classic Swedish hardcore (e.g., Totalitär), only this time with even more energy and urgency. This is likely due to the fact that the music for Tunnel Vision was recorded, live, in less than an hour. For those keeping track, “Tunnel Vision” was recorded by Kenko (MEANWHILE, BURNING KITCHEN) at the Communichaos Media Clay Station and Damaged Head is comprised of ex-and current members of AGENT ATTITUDE, HERATYS, INSTITUTION, and NITAD. If you find yourself wanting more hardcore with an emphasis on songwriting and hooks, this is the record you’ve been waiting for.

Mailorder gets colored vinyl. Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

The Nukes "Fascist Perverts" 7" EP



The Nukes play hardcore punk that sounds like it was conceived in that glorious period between 1978 and 1981 when punk was speeding up but hardcore had not fully developed as a distinct sound all its own—think: THE NUBS (SF), THIS IS BOSTON, NOT LA-era GANG GREEN AND F.U.'s, ANGRY SAMOANS and newer bands like CAREER SUICIDE. On Fascist Perverts, the band tears through 6 songs in less than 7 minutes and the no-frills approach works to punishing effect. The Nukes are a band with tons of promise and we hope this is the first of many recordings by the band, so they can take their place as the next addition in a long list of venerated CHICAGO bands.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Burning Kitchen "Many Wonder About The Meaning of Life... (1993-2000)" 2xLP Discography



Sweden’s Burning Kitchen were instrumental during the ‘90’s in the development of an aggressive melodic punk sound that would inspire a whole generation of Scandinavian bands to come, ranging from MASSHYSTERI, GORILLA ANGREB, TERRIBLE FEELINGS and VANNA INGET to American bands like ARCTIC FLOWERS and SIGNAL LOST. During their initial period of activity, Burning Kitchen toured Europe extensively and were known for their live shows and substantive socio-political lyrics. Since their breakup, they have been extremely missed and as their releases have become harder and harder to find, a demand for a vinyl discography has grown. Man In Decline Records is honored to release this double LP compilation which features the trilogy of 7"s (Confirmation, Consolidation, Confrontation), the "Damn If You Do, Damn If You Don't" 10", various compilation tracks, and 8 UNRELEASED TRACKS from 1998 (35 songs total).

This 2xLP also includes a wide spine jacket and a 12 page booklet with pics, flyers, a short history of the band, etc, and, as always, you will receive an immediate download of the record upon purchase. Color only available via mail-order and/or the band.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Stun Event "s/t" 7"



STUN EVENT was started by former OUT COLD members, Kevin Mertens and John Evicci, after their recent collaboration on OUT COLD's posthumous release: A Heated Display. Kevin had been the original singer for OUT COLD and rejoined the band on vocals in order to help them complete their final recordings after the tragic passing of the band's primary songwriter: Mark Sheehan. After their collaboration on A Heated Display, they decided to start a new project, including John's brother, Fred (another OUT COLD alumnus), and these six songs are the first recording from the band. Musically, STUN EVENT provides a fresh take on a genre that can be predictably derivative.The familiar elements are there but they're executed in such a way that the maturity of the musicianship and songwriting comes through. There are nods to early punk influences from disparate and somewhat unexpected sources: like THE FIX or NEGATIVE APPROACH playing "Paranoid Time" but the end result is all their own.

Mailorder gets colored vinyl. Download available immediately upon purchase.

Cleansing Wave "Crude EP" 3-Sided 7"



The "CRUDE EP" is the latest release by Massachusetts punk quartet, CLEANSING WAVE. Crude serves as a follow-up to a previously released demo, a "s/t" 7" EP, and a series of slit releases, including a split flexi with GASH, a split cassette with TINITUS, and a split 7" with San Francisco's MIDNITE BRAIN. Cleansing Wave is known to win audiences over with their ripping live show full of reverb-drenched vocals and all-out punk attack. To honor the session that produced Crude, Man In Decline Records created a 3-Sided 7" cut by long-time MID collaborator and lacquer wizard, Adam Gonsalves of Telegraph Mastering. The A-Side contains two songs and a reverse cut third track, making the overall 7" a 5-track EP.

Mail-order gets colored vinyl. Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Vånna Inget "Allvar" LP



VÅNNA INGET is punk with a little more melody and pop sensibility, not unlike classic bands THE AVENGERS, THE BRAT, and THE GO-GO's, or Swedish contemporaries like MASSHYSTERI, KNUGEN FALLER, and BURNING KITCHEN. On their debut LP, ALLVAR, Vånna Inget captured a moment of spontaneity where driving minor chords and strong vocal harmonies made melancholy and anxiety feel like moods to strive for. Recorded in the band's home studio, ALLVAR was originally released in 2011, and only available in North America in a very limited quantity ahead of a U.S. tour. Man In Decline is proud to now make this amazing LP more widely available to fans on this side of the Atlantic. Since it's initial release, Allvar has been praised for the strength of the songwriting, the dynamic and varied tracks, and the production which allowed for the punk grit to come through while at the same time showcased the musicianship of the band. We think it's a bit premature to call this a "modern classic", as others have claimed, but the power of these songs is certainly undeniable.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Vånna Inget "Ingen Botten" LP



Man In Decline Records is proud to release the North American version of VÅNNA INGET's second LP, INGEN BOTTEN. In 2011, Vånna Inget released their debut album "ALLVAR" and quickly became a name associated with great expectations in their native Sweden. Three years on and they have been nominated for a Grammy in their home country and played all over Europe and The U.S.

Where "Allvar" found power in its urgent and relentless delivery, "Ingen Botten" is a more nuanced affair. Sharp guitar riffs and shimmering organ melodies are woven together with an attentive and dynamic rhythm section and the band has taken the tempo down in a few places and left room for the arrangements to breath a bit more. Karolina's vocals have grown to reach even higher levels of poignant intensity and the band compliments this by nurturing their songs to a maturity between raw, punkish nerve and melodic sensibility. The band proved their recording prowess by tracking the entire album live, straight down on to 2" tape at the legendary Swedish studio, Varispeed. Sonically, the recording stands with some of the best punk records ever produced. Coupled with Vånna Inget's universal appeal and ability to turn claustrophobic themes of confinement and desperation into something that feels uplifting and liberating, "Ingen Botten" is sure to win over new and old fans alike.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Damaged Head "s/t" 12" EP (one-sided, screen printed)



DAMAGED HEAD is a new band from Sweden with ex-and current members of HERATYS, INSTITUTION, NITAD, and AGENT ATTITUDE. Damaged Head plays traditional hardcore with punk sensibilities and hooks (think POISON IDEA, TOTALITÄR, and newer bands like AMDI PETERSENS ARMÉ and CAREER SUICIDE). After only a short time as a band, they recorded this self-titled EP with Kenko (MEANWHILE, BURNING KITCHEN, etc) at Communichaos Clay Station and the result is one of the most energetic and exciting hardcore EP's we've heard in a very long time. The Damaged Head EP contains 6 songs ranging from fast hardcore blasts to midtempo anthems, with the longest song clocking in at barely over 2 minutes. The North American pressing of the Damaged Head EP is a one-sided, screenprinted 12″ packaged in a single-pocket LP jacket with an insert.

Mailorder gets colored vinyl. Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Dissekerad "s/t" LP



Dissekerad is a new band from Stockholm, Sweden with current-and ex-members of TOTALITAR, AVSKUM, INSTITUTION, MAKABERT FYND, and others. As you would expect from that pedigree, they deliver no frills, traditional Swedish D-beat. Maximum RockNRoll called it "classic" and we agree: it sounds like the best of the style because it's played by members who have been banging away at their craft for decades. The self-titled LP contains 11 songs that are firmly D-beat in execution with enough ingenuity and creativity to keep things sounding new. Previously only available as an import through Skrammel Records in Sweden, the North American version, issued here by Man In Decline Records, was remastered by Jack Control of Enormous Door Mastering (POISON IDEA), which adds a sonic layer of punishing volume suited for the songs.

Digital download immediately available upon purchase.

Raw Nerves "Futile Efforts" LP



Raw Nerves are back with a new vocalist and their most refined set of songs to date. Their sound has been compared to early hardcore like THE FIX and NEGATIVE APPROACH with influences from the ’90′s like, CITIZEN’S ARREST, BORN AGAINST, and RORSCHACH. With this LP comes the maturity of a band that has crafted their songwriting--after years of touring and releasing records--into a driving, aggressive LP that’s full of hooks and riffs that will have you screaming along and tearing your room apart. Futile Efforts was recorded at Buzz or Howl studios with Stan Wright (ARCTIC FLOWERS, SIGNAL LOST, DEATHREAT), mixed by Adam Pike (RED FANG), and mastered by FROM ASHES RISE frontman, Brad Boatright, at Audiosiege (TRAGEDY, OFF!).

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Lost Lands "Body of Habit" 7"



Filthy, low, fast, and heavy. Lost Lands take the sensibilities of Scandinavian hardcore and mix it with a healthy dose of driving rage and abyss-bound ambition. Lost Lands features current and former members of Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, Dangers, Champion, Stay Gold, Curl Up And Die, and Faded Grey.

The four-song ”Body of Habit” 7″ is available in clear gold, clear blue, and black vinyl variations, all packaged in a die-cut jacket that folds around the record.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Arctic Flowers / Spectres "Split" 7"



Back in print on Man In Decline Records: the split 7” by Arctic Flowers from Portland, OR (ex and current-SIGNAL LOST, DEATHREAT, and VIVID SEKT) and Spectres from Vancouver B.C. Since the release of this split, both bands have released impressively strong records and have toured extensively in both in North America and abroad. Arctic Flowers’ sound has been described as a mix of anarcho and melodic punk (e.g., THE MOB, POST REGIMENT) with elements of post-punk and deathrock. Spectres have a strong post-punk vibe and comparisons have been made between them and bands like JOY DIVISION, CRISIS and SISTERS OF MERCY. Although the comparisons and assessments of both bands are not inaccurate, neither band apes a particular style and both remain original and relevant to the culture of punk today. This pressing features updated blue covers.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

No More Art / Doom Town "Split" 7"



NO MORE ART, based out of Hamburg, Germany plays classic melodic punk with strong female vocals and super catchy guitar and bass lines. Comparisons to DANGERHOUSE RECORDS bands such as, X and THE AVENGERS with newer comparisons like MASSHYSTERI and VANNA INGET are not far off. Guitarist Will Kinser spent some time playing in RED DONS and that influence is there as well. Their song "Won’t Let Go” is as catchy as anything they’ve ever released.

DOOM TOWN take their name from a WIPERS song and although they utilize the Wipers formula of catchy songwriting paired with a dark depressive undercurrent, they choose instead to drive their songs with uptempo beats and tortured harmonies like those employed by X and more modern bands like GORILLA ANGREB or THE VICIOUS. The song they include on this split belies the complexity of the songwriting by making it sound as if it were simple to write music that is all the things above while at the same time remaining original. We think this is mark of a great band and, indeed, Doom Town lives up to the pressure of that descriptor.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Concrete Cross "s/t" LP



Concrete Cross formed out of the wreckage of several prematurely aborted NYHC bands including SICK OF TALK, DISNIHIL, and CELEBRITY MURDERS. Musically, there are nods to DIE KREUZEN, POISON IDEA, and CITIZEN’S ARREST while vocally, frontman, Artie Philie delivers and Animosity-era CORROSION OF CONFORMITY manic performance. All the lyrics have to do with freaking the fuck out, but not in a fun way.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Sarabante "Under the Shadows” 7”


SARABANTE "Ερμαια των Kαιρών" b/w 'UNDER THE SHADOWS" 7"

Greek melodic crust gods, Sarabante, return with a two-song follow up to their full-length from 2012, "Remnants" (SOUTHERN LORD RECORDS). Inexplicably, the songwriting has gotten stronger and the approach more streamlined than their already crushing full-length. These two songs highlight the punker elements of Sarabante’s sound and should place them amongst the strongest bands of the genre (FROM ASHES RISE, VICTIMS and TRAGEDY). This release was mixed and mastered by From Ashes Rise frontman Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Raw Nerves / Acts Of Sedition "Split" 7"



Ahead of a West Coast tour in March 2012, Man In Decline issued a split 7" by these two prolific bands. Raw Nerves comes on like a strong dose of early hardcore in the vein of The Fix and Negative Approach mixed with influences from the '90's like, Citizen's Arrest, Born Against and Rorschach. Acts of Sedition continue their established sound of dark, depressing hardcore that should appeal to fans of Tragedy, Born/Dead, Citizen's Arrest and Nausea.

Mailorder gets colored vinyl. Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Seas Will Rise "Disease Is Our Refrain" LP



Seas Will Rise, featuring Landmine Marathon founder Eric Saylor on guitar and vocals, offers its debut full-length, "Disease Is Our Refrain". The Tempe, Arizona band plays heavy, brooding hardcore punk, inspired by the likes of Discharge and His Hero Is Gone.

Disease Is Our Refrain was recorded and mixed by Landmine Marathon guitarist Ryan Butler at Arcane Digital Recording (Phobia, Misery Index), and mastered by From Ashes Rise frontman Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Tragedy, OFF!). The album is the follow-up to the 2010 Cagematch EP.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Come On Die Young "Weights And Measures" 12" EP



Ahead of the June 2012 release of Come On Die Young's "Weights And Measures" EP, Man In Decline created 50 test press copies of the record with alternate artwork, including covers screenprinted on architectural chipboard affixed to white LP jackets. Test press labels were handstamped and numbered out of 50 and an exclusive insert was added. Unfortunately, all things bad coalesced and with the band broken up and art not completed, we decided to stop the pressing of this record. So, the copies listed here are all that will exist and the record will not be issued again. Get one before they're gone.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.

Come On Die Young "s/t" 7" EP



On their debut 7", Come On Die Young delivers a high-spirited pummeling of melodic guitars, pulsing beat and charged scream. Reviews of this record have garnered comparisons to bands like HOT WATER MUSIC, FUEL, PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS and LEATHERFACE.

Digital download available immediately upon purchase.