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002: Burning Kitchen

BURNING KITCHEN began in 1993. Our first practice had Bagaren (formerly of ONUS) on bass, Kenko on drums and Sara and Josefin playing the guitars. That didn't last long and the next practice brought Hobbe (at the time in Sindy Kills Me) and Josef to the drums, respectively bass. Kenko moved to the guitar and Josefin became the singer. This line up stayed together for a while and recorded two tracks (found last on this compilation) in the Eskilstuna studio Ambassaden.
Hobbe had other priorities and Josef moved to Gothenburg. Enter Martin and Johan. This is when things got going, as we found our sound and the politics that united us.

Off to Eskilstuna again for a disastrous recording where we didn't even find a bass guitar before the last few hours in the studio. The second try in July 1997 went better and became the trilogy of 7”
singles ”Confirmation”, ”Consolidation” and ”Confrontation”. The Swedish scene was buzzing with life and we took any opportunity we could to play live around the country and later through Europe.

Sometime in 1998 we recorded 9 tracks in Stockholm's Blanc De Blanc studio. Several attempts to get this out on vinyl failed, including one master lost in the mail. A confusing process with Muck Records from Canada led to a 50 copy cd version that none of the band members have seen or approved of to this day, leaving it ”unrealeased” by the terms of those times. Ironically this recording may contain some of the more widely distributed songs of ours – courtesy of the internet.
(Everyone seems to know ”Pretty Shitty City”!)

In August of 1999 we were back in the studio at Mart Hällgren's place.
This was the ”Damn you if you do, damn you if you don't” 10”. Parts of the band were now living or spending time in Berlin, Paris and London, resulting in bad continuity. Johan left the band and Stefan joined.
The track ”Stenad Stad” was recorded in April 2000. The K-town festival and a tour of Europe were the highlights of the last year of our existence. The band ended in Raf's bus after a Mayday gig in Umeå.

Burning Kitchen was put to an end and all of us went on to new bands and projects. Sometimes some of us played together in these new constellations.
Over the years after the band had split up there have been talks and discussions of getting the band together, and this finally happened under 2010 when we decided to play at the Punk Illegal Festival 2011. We agreed to release a discography with all our previous recordings, released and unreleased, at the festival.
Playing together felt good and other gigs followed during 2011: Puntala Rock, Truckstop Alaska and Grundbulten. Year 2012 saw us recording a brand new track for the compilation Turist I Tillvaron and for spring 2013 our plan is to record an EP and continue the journey of playing more.
Do check out under “Evenemang” for upcoming gigs!

Burning Kitchen "Det Längtande Djuret" LP



Sweden’s Burning Kitchen were instrumental during the ‘90’s in developing a melodic punk sound that would influence a whole generation of Scandinavian bands that followed ranging from MASSHYSTERI and GORILLA ANGREB to current up and coming bands like ARTIC FLOWERS and VANNA INGET. After a decade-long hiatus, the band reformed and recorded eleven new songs of some of their strongest material, as if the band picked back up and no time had passed. In 2014, Man In Decline Records issued a 35 song 2xLP discography, which compiled all of their pre-break up material and provided old fans with never before heard songs while introducing a whole new generation of fans to their socio-political style of punk. With a new LP and the 2xLP vinyl pressing of the “Many Wonder…” compilation, Burning Kitchen is as vibrant today as they were in their first inception. Perhaps most importantly, their friendships and the politics on which they are based are still as relevant today as they were over 20 years ago. “Punk rock n roll against state control”

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