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009: Sarabante

After forming in Athens, Greece in late 2006, SARABANTE released their first album Remnants. The LP was released by Sara Records, the band's own label, followed by a limited edition CD by Southern Lord. This was followed by an Eastern European tour and numerous local live shows, as well as 2013's Έρμαια Των Καιρών / Under The Shadows, a 7" EP via Man in Decline Records.

Heavily influenced by oppression and trying to withstand the ongoing crisis in their home country Greece, SARABANTE's new music is forged in times of extreme austerity, which has without doubt blackened their focus. As a result, the music on their latest release, Poisonous Legacy, is darker, filthier, more straightforward, and more destructive than we've heard before.

The gripping, lamenting melodies of the guitars on Poisonous Legacy define Sarabante's sound, and speak volumes about their world view. Eloquently miserable harmonies soar then hammer down on the listener, constantly seeking nervous and reverberating moments to amplify and meld into their modern crust motion, involving copious amounts of righteous d-beat and clarity amongst the crunch. Few have done it so well since the advent of Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone, and SARABANTE is undoubtedly creating their own approach with impressive, aggressive songwriting, and forceful momentum.