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001: Red Dons

Bass / Vocal – Hajji Husayn
Drums / Vocals – Richard Joachim
Lead Vocals / Guitar – Douglas Burns
Guitar / Vocals – Ruby Sparks

Zach Brooks
Jonny Cat
Andy Foote
Will Kinser
Justin Maurer
Jim McCann
Jesse Micheals
Mateus Mondini
John Nuclear
TV Smith
Derek Willman
David Wolf

Before moving to Amman, Jordan in 2001, Daniel “Hajji” Husayn made a pact with Douglas Burns that upon Husayn’s return to Portland, the two of them would start a band together. The project would be called Red Dons. It took five years for that plan to come to fruition. This was in part due to their commitments to other bands (The Observers and Clorox Girls), but also a result of often living in different places from one another (Washington D.C., Germany, Jordan, Thailand, and Seattle).

In 2006 the first line-up for the Red Dons was assembled in Portland, Oregon. Burns and Husayn’s nomadic tendencies continued and by 2009, Husayn had moved permanently to London, and Burns to Chicago. Drummer Richard Joachim has remained in Portland. Despite having members spread out between Europe and the United States, Red Dons have toured and released records every year since 2007.

Along with Burns, Husayn and Joachim, the Red Dons feature a rotating cast of members and collaborators. Ruby Sparks plays guitar for the group. Zach Brooks, Will Kinser, Andy Foote, and Justin Maurer have also served as the the Red Dons featured guitarist. TV Smith wrote the lyrics for A Vote for the Unknown and preforms the lead vocals on the song’s recording. David Wolf is a featured guitarist on the Red Dons album The Dead Hand of Tradition. Derek Willman has preformed live with the Red Dons and is the bassist on the recording of It’s Your Right. Jonny Cat and Jimmy “Hollywood” McCann have both recorded vocals with the band. However, those recordings are currently unreleased. Jesse Michaels, and John Nuclear have both contributed lyrics to the project. Derek Skokan (Revisions) was the Red Dons drummer in 2006 and appears on the Escaping Amman EP. Burns, Husayn, and Joachim all play together in The Revisions, and are also original members of The Chemicals; a band fronted by Jonny Cat.

Hajji Husayn (Role Models, Clorox Girls, Thee Spivs)
Douglas Burns (The Observers, Endless Column, The Butlers)
Richard Joachim (The Chemicals, Priory)
Ruby Sparks (The Stops)
Zach Brooks (Piss Test, Soda Pop Kids, Scott Baio Army)
Jonny Cat (The Chemicals, The Triggers)
Andy Foote (No Secret Between Sailors, Physical Challenge)
Will Kinser (No More Art, Born/Dead)
Justin Maurer (L.A. Drugz, Clorox Girls)
Jim McCann (Tyrades)
Jesse Micheals (Operation Ivy, Classics of Love)
John Nuclear (The Insaniacs)
TV Smith (Adverts)
Derek Willman (The Estranged, From Ashes Rise, Hellshock)
David Wolf (Daylight Robbery, Endless Column)

The band is named after a group of highly respected British Intelligence Officers who were later revealed to be Soviet spies. Kim Philby, Anthony Blunt, Guy Burgess, and Don MacClean all meet as students at Cambridge University in the 1920?s. At Cambridge, professors are referred to as “Dons”, thus Red Dons became a moniker used by the British press for the spy ring. Historians more commonly refer to Philby and the others as the Cambridge Five. What is known about them publicly is cloudy at best, but it is suggested that during World War II they were responsible for passing misinformation to the Nazis. During the Cold War it is suspected that they passed valuable information to the Soviets. Despite having close ties to the Queen and the British government Burgess, MacClean, and Philby all eventually defected to the Soviet Union adding more intrigue and mystery to their story. Learn more about the original Red Dons by clicking the link below.

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002: Burning Kitchen

BURNING KITCHEN began in 1993. Our first practice had Bagaren (formerly of ONUS) on bass, Kenko on drums and Sara and Josefin playing the guitars. That didn't last long and the next practice brought Hobbe (at the time in Sindy Kills Me) and Josef to the drums, respectively bass. Kenko moved to the guitar and Josefin became the singer. This line up stayed together for a while and recorded two tracks (found last on this compilation) in the Eskilstuna studio Ambassaden.
Hobbe had other priorities and Josef moved to Gothenburg. Enter Martin and Johan. This is when things got going, as we found our sound and the politics that united us.

Off to Eskilstuna again for a disastrous recording where we didn't even find a bass guitar before the last few hours in the studio. The second try in July 1997 went better and became the trilogy of 7”
singles ”Confirmation”, ”Consolidation” and ”Confrontation”. The Swedish scene was buzzing with life and we took any opportunity we could to play live around the country and later through Europe.

Sometime in 1998 we recorded 9 tracks in Stockholm's Blanc De Blanc studio. Several attempts to get this out on vinyl failed, including one master lost in the mail. A confusing process with Muck Records from Canada led to a 50 copy cd version that none of the band members have seen or approved of to this day, leaving it ”unrealeased” by the terms of those times. Ironically this recording may contain some of the more widely distributed songs of ours – courtesy of the internet.
(Everyone seems to know ”Pretty Shitty City”!)

In August of 1999 we were back in the studio at Mart Hällgren's place.
This was the ”Damn you if you do, damn you if you don't” 10”. Parts of the band were now living or spending time in Berlin, Paris and London, resulting in bad continuity. Johan left the band and Stefan joined.
The track ”Stenad Stad” was recorded in April 2000. The K-town festival and a tour of Europe were the highlights of the last year of our existence. The band ended in Raf's bus after a Mayday gig in Umeå.

Burning Kitchen was put to an end and all of us went on to new bands and projects. Sometimes some of us played together in these new constellations.
Over the years after the band had split up there have been talks and discussions of getting the band together, and this finally happened under 2010 when we decided to play at the Punk Illegal Festival 2011. We agreed to release a discography with all our previous recordings, released and unreleased, at the festival.
Playing together felt good and other gigs followed during 2011: Puntala Rock, Truckstop Alaska and Grundbulten. Year 2012 saw us recording a brand new track for the compilation Turist I Tillvaron and for spring 2013 our plan is to record an EP and continue the journey of playing more.
Do check out under “Evenemang” for upcoming gigs!

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003: Vanna Inget

Formed in 2010, Vånna Inget share certain sensibilities with fellow Swedes, Masshysteri and Gorilla Angreb in that they combine minor chords, speed, and death rock guitar stylings with anthemic choruses for perfect sing-along-sadness effect. The strength and mournful catchiness of the song writing coupled with the addition of madchester organ, however, bring them to the next level. Suppose that’s where the Grammy nomination came in. Anyway, their new album, Ingen Botten (translated by our computer as “No Bottom”), reminds us from everything we love about guitar music; from the driving pop aggression of their aforementioned countrymen/women, to darker American melodrama like Concrete Blonde, (late era) Gun Club, and Hex Dispensers. There’s even some Go-Go’s, but we’re talking This Town and “committing infidelity with members of The Specials” Go-Go’s, not the nice ones about going to the beach.

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004: Damaged Head

Sweden’s Damaged Head execute a successful formula of combining old USHC with classic Swedish hardcore. Damaged Head is comprised of ex-and current members of AGENT ATTITUDE, HERATYS, INSTITUTION, and NITAD. If you find yourself searching for hardcore with an emphasis on songwriting and hooks, then this band should be right up your alley.

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005: Arctic Flowers

Arctic Flowers formed in 2009.Mixing punk, postpunk, peace/anarcho-punk to create something familiar but with a feeling all its own.

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006: Spectres

Spectres are a Post Punk band from Vancouver BC.

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007: Dissekerad

Dissekerad is a band from Stockholm, Sweden with current-and ex-members of TOTALITAR, AVSKUM, INSTITUTION, MAKABERT FYND, and others. As you would expect from that pedigree, they deliver no frills, traditional Swedish D-beat. Maximum RockNRoll called it "classic" and we agree: it sounds like the best of the style because it's played by members who have been banging away at
their craft for decades.

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008: Cleansing Wave

Cleansing Wave, the four-piece female-fronted punk band ignites crowds. Ben Basset’s lightning-fast D-beats complement the grungy bass of Andy Turcotte and the frantically distorted guitar of Ryan Jarvis to create a sound that will peel the skin from your face. Vocalist Melissa Grandmason drenches her voice in reverb, which sits on top of the music like its own instrument, giving the band an overall eerie sound. It never slows down, and it never sacrifices anything in its songs. Cleansing Wave plays 100 percent full force at all times, and it’s awesome to hear.

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009: Sarabante

After forming in Athens, Greece in late 2006, SARABANTE released their first album Remnants. The LP was released by Sara Records, the band's own label, followed by a limited edition CD by Southern Lord. This was followed by an Eastern European tour and numerous local live shows, as well as 2013's Έρμαια Των Καιρών / Under The Shadows, a 7" EP via Man in Decline Records.

Heavily influenced by oppression and trying to withstand the ongoing crisis in their home country Greece, SARABANTE's new music is forged in times of extreme austerity, which has without doubt blackened their focus. As a result, the music on their latest release, Poisonous Legacy, is darker, filthier, more straightforward, and more destructive than we've heard before.

The gripping, lamenting melodies of the guitars on Poisonous Legacy define Sarabante's sound, and speak volumes about their world view. Eloquently miserable harmonies soar then hammer down on the listener, constantly seeking nervous and reverberating moments to amplify and meld into their modern crust motion, involving copious amounts of righteous d-beat and clarity amongst the crunch. Few have done it so well since the advent of Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone, and SARABANTE is undoubtedly creating their own approach with impressive, aggressive songwriting, and forceful momentum.

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010: Raw Nerves

Raw Nerves sound has been compared to early hardcore like THE FIX and NEGATIVE APPROACH with influences from the ’90′s like, CITIZEN’S ARREST, BORN AGAINST, and RORSCHACH. With each new release comes the maturity of a band that has crafted their songwriting--after years of touring and releasing records--into a driving, aggressive LP that’s full of hooks and riffs that will have you screaming along and tearing your room apart.

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011: ИO///sé

Every once in a while, four people come together to create something truly great. Sometimes that creation captures the world by storm, and other times it sits bubbling underneath the surface of a corroded artistic wasteland. Such is the case with multi-city band ИO///sé. Members Brian Villa, Eric Ruvalcaba, and Josh Hayes reside in a house together in Oakland, CA, while guitar/vocalist Mike Carter lives in Portland, OR. This would make it difficult not only to maintain friendships—let alone a band—with the short time they have in a room together. ИO///sé not only make this geographical separation work, but they make it work to their advantage by creating some of the most desperate and immediate music I have heard in years.

ИO///sé released one of the top LPs of 2012 with their self-titled debut, and the band is gearing up to release its follow up full-length Lower Berth this year. I have known members Josh Hayes and Mike Carter through their previous band, Glass & Ashes, and was very excited to see what the boys had been coming up with since that band’s demise.

The ИO///sé self-titled LP contains everything a punk rock record should contain—great guitar riffs, great vocals, a solid-as-a-rock rhythm section, and absolutely no filler. There is no fucking around with ИO///sé; they aim right for the jugular and hit their mark every time. When I listen to their self-titled LP, I hear bits of Television, The Voidoids, Rudimentary Peni, The Milkshakes, The Wipers, Hot Snakes, the Ramones, and every other style of punk rock these gents have soaked up in their time on this planet. ИO///sé is the punk rock band that other punk rock bands wish they could be. -John Massel

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012: No More Art

No More Art delivers a much-anticipated full-length LP after tempting us with a handful of fantastic 7″s (including the split 7" with DOOM TOWN released on MAN IN DECLINE RECORDS). For those unfamiliar, No More Art plays dark, driving melodic punk that embodies the spirit of THE WIPERS and combines it with the execution of THE AVENGERS, and old LA band, THE BRAT. Guitarist Will Kinser spent some time playing in RED DONS, which comes through in the songwriting and execution, and they also share a kinship with bands like MASSHYSTERI and VANNA INGET. Pick this up if you like downstroked classic punk with minor chords and strong female vocals.

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013: Agent Attitude

"Agent Attitude from Uppsala, Sweden play fast and raw hardcore punk. They started in 2010 and released 3 EPs and 2 LP's. When they were a band they were intense, fucked up, tight, and highly active that constantly toured around the world. Members now play in Damaged Head and Rotten Mind.

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014: Oblivionation

Oblivionation hails from Lowell, Massachusetts and delivers raging and mean-spirited hardcore punk. Their sound consists of supercharged guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums and ferocious vocals that're loaded with undeniable rage.

Ex- and Current Members of: Out Cold, A.C., Stun Event, The Evil Streaks, Kilslug, Toshiro Mifune, The Crimson Ghosts, Proclamation, You're Fired, Alien Blood Transfusion, and 13 Ghosts

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015: Concrete Cross

Concrete Cross formed out of the wreckage of several prematurely aborted NYHC bands including SICK OF TALK, DISNIHIL, and CELEBRITY MURDERS. Musically, there are nods to DIE KREUZEN, POISON IDEA, and CITIZEN’S ARREST while vocally, frontman, Artie Philie delivers and Animosity-era CORROSION OF CONFORMITY manic performance. All the lyrics have to do with freaking the fuck out, but not in a fun way.

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016: Stun Event

STUN EVENT was started by former OUT COLD members, Kevin Mertens and John Evicci, after their recent collaboration on OUT COLD's posthumous release: A Heated Display. Kevin had been the original singer for OUT COLD and rejoined the band on vocals in order to help them complete their final recordings after the tragic passing of the band's primary songwriter: Mark Sheehan. After their collaboration on A Heated Display, they decided to start a new project, including John's brother, Fred (another OUT COLD alumnus), and these six songs are the first recording from the band. Musically, STUN EVENT provides a fresh take on a genre that can be predictably derivative.The familiar elements are there but they're executed in such a way that the maturity of the musicianship and songwriting comes through. There are nods to early punk influences from disparate and somewhat unexpected sources: like THE FIX or NEGATIVE APPROACH playing "Paranoid Time" but the end result is all their own.

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017: The Nukes

The Nukes play hardcore punk that sounds like it was conceived in that glorious period between 1978 and 1981 when punk was speeding up but hardcore had not fully developed as a distinct sound all its own—think: THE NUBS (SF), THIS IS BOSTON, NOT LA-era GANG GREEN AND F.U.'s, ANGRY SAMOANS and newer bands like CAREER SUICIDE. On Fascist Perverts, the band tears through 6 songs in less than 7 minutes and the no-frills approach works to punishing effect. The Nukes are a band with tons of promise and we hope this is the first of many recordings by the band, so they can take their place as the next addition in a long list of venerated Chicago bands.

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018: Doom Town

DOOM TOWN take their name from a WIPERS song and although they utilize the Wipers formula of catchy songwriting paired with a dark depressive undercurrent, they choose instead to drive their songs with uptempo beats and tortured harmonies like those employed by X and more modern bands like GORILLA ANGREB or THE VICIOUS. The song they include on this split belies the complexity of the songwriting by making it sound as if it were simple to write music that is all the things above while at the same time remaining original. We think this is mark of a great band and, indeed, Doom Town lives up to the pressure of that descriptor.

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019: Acts of Sedition

Acts Of Sedition is a hardcore/thrash/crust band from Oakland, CA with a long list of releases and numerous tours under their belts. They are: Will (Bass/Vocals), Clint (Drums), Al (Guitar/Vocals), and Kenny (Guitar).

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020 - Seas Will Rise

Seas Will Rise, featuring Landmine Marathon founder Eric Saylor on guitar and vocals, offers its debut full-length, "Disease Is Our Refrain". The Tempe Arizona band plays heavy, brooding hardcore punk, inspired by the likes of Discharge and His Hero Is Gone. Disease Is Our Refrain was recorded and mixed by Landmine Marathon guitarist Ryan Butler at Arcane Digital Recording (Phobia, Misery Index), and mastered by From Ashes Rise frontman Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Tragedy, OFF!). The album is the follow-up to the 2010 Cagematch EP.

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021: Come On Die Young

Come On Die Young delivers a high-spirited pummeling of melodic guitars, pulsing beat and charged scream. Reviews of this record have garnered comparisons to bands like HOT WATER MUSIC, FUEL, PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS and LEATHERFACE.

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022: Lost Lands

Lost Lands are filthy, low, fast, and heavy. They take the sensibilities of Scandinavian hardcore and mix it with a healthy dose of driving rage and abyss-bound ambition. Lost Lands features current and former members of Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, Dangers, Champion, Stay Gold, Curl Up And Die, and Faded Grey.
The four-song ”Body of Habit” 7″ is available in clear gold, clear blue, and black vinyl variations, all packaged in a die-cut jacket that folds around the record.

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